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Thread: Any information on this horn?

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    Any information on this horn?

    Now that I've lured you here with a vague question ... The horn is this one: I know I should be asking about it on the trombone forum, but apparently I'm not worthy to join that forum. So I'll take what I can get here.

    Basically, for $130 including shipping I now own a slightly broken trombone. Why would I do this? Declining mental capabilities with increasing age? Perhaps. But it's worse than that. I have in mind making a cimbasso, and I need a decent bell. This horn was originally advertised as a "contrabass" trombone (which I never believed), and then modified in a later note to "bass" trombone. But I'm a little skeptical of that. So far as I can see, it looks as though it might be a copy of the YSL-882OR Xeno, which would make it a large-bore tenor with F attachment. And the bell is likely a bit smaller than I would like for the cimbasso.

    In that case, I'll probably repair it and (if it plays well) sell it and turn the money around towards a bigger bell.

    But I wonder if anyone on this forum has any knowledge of or experience with this "brand" of Chinese instrument. I can't find out much of anything about them. Any info will be appreciated. The horn should be here in a week, and at least then I'll know the dimensions and condition.
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    It's not a brand I have any memory of at all. I too assumed it is a tenor or bass, but not a contra bass. It does look just a little longer than I thought it should, though. Let us know what you learn!
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