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Thread: Yamaha 642 Compensating Neo Series

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    Yamaha 642 Compensating Neo Series

    Yamaha 642 Compensating Neo Series

    Hello! I am looking to sell my 642 in order to earn some money to buy another horn. I bought it brand new in 2011 before I began college and only very recently have stopped using it. It's a great horn that is capable of conforming to a very large number of sound concepts. The only reason I have stopped using it is due to wanting something new that might help me find the sound I can be content with, if there is such an instrument. The horn plays very well and the only issues to speak of is some wearing of the silver plating on the 3rd valve slide, which I have confirmed with a number of instrument repairmen will not lead to an air leak. I am looking to sell this horn somewhere in the 3750-4500 range. I would be willing to professionally clean it before purchase and ship it out for testing if the price is appropriate. If contacting me here is not suitable, then email me at bgold92 at if you are interested. Thanks!

    -Brian McGoldrick
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    Welcome to the forum, Brian. I deleted the similar post in the "Euph Gear / Where to Shop" section. Items for sale should be under category we're currently in. Good luck!

    (I'm about to add one or two eBay listings, but I'll "stick" yours on top for a day or so.)
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    Hello! And yes unfortunately I realized that a little too late. My apologies! Thanks.

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