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Thread: My Next Horn - a Hybrid Sovereign

  1. My Next Horn - a Hybrid Sovereign

    As some of you might know, I recently sold my early 2007 Prestige model 2051. I was completely satisfied with the horn, but it was getting played only about 20% of the time, with my Sterling getting the vast majority of my face time. Further, I am fighting left arm bicep tendonitis that seems to be exacerbated by using a heavy triggered horn. So I have a new plan based on the fact I like the sound of Besson horns and enjoy playing them (and have a sizeable spare part inventory).

    My plan is to find a new-ish silver 967. I am looking for 2008 or newer if at all possible. I have a complete set of gold Prestige valve caps and finger buttons to trim the horn, including my custom Sterling heavyweight gold bottom cap. Further, I now have a York EU-4052 (Eminence) leadpipe (thanks Charlie Brighton for the idea). Once I have the right horn and have grown accustomed to its intonation and response, I plan to have the leadpipe replaced with the York leadpipe. A silver 967 is necessary due to the solder work to be done around the already plated replacement leadpipe. This will require some adaptation of the receiver and its brace since the Sovereign leadpipe curves further around the bell than the "straighter" Eminence or Prestige leadpipes do. With the York leadpipe in place, I would like to then have it braced to the bell like the Prestige rather than be "full floating" like the modern Sovereigns.

    The goal is to end up with a horn that plays and looks as close to a modern Prestige as I can get, without trigger, at under the cost of a new Sovereign. The updated horn will be much closer to Prestige ergonomics, but without the additional forearm stress caused by the trigger. I plan to use this horn as a backup to my Sterling for situations where I have to play standing and/or when the tendonitis flares up.

    Any thoughts and/or feedback? Am I crazy? (Probably!) But after so many years of playing these horns, I am ready to give it a try....


    P.S. If I still had my old round-stamp Sovereign, I'd just play it as is and probably get the valve caps plated, convert the guides to Delrin, and use modern synthetic felts. But that is another story..
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  2. Why not get a round stamp sovereign? They can easily be found across the pond. has them quite often. no affiliation, i just want it to have strong business so they'll have a baritone and tenor horn when i come up with the cash.
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    On the lookout for:
    Silver plated:
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    pre '93, post '06 Sovereign Baritone (3 valve)

    York/Sterling/LMI variants accepted


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