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Thread: Jim Williams with Indianapolis Brass Choir

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    Jim Williams with Indianapolis Brass Choir

    Hi, everyone...
    I'm a big Benny Goodman fan. There isn't much Goodman for Brass Choir, so I did an arrangement that you can listen to here

    Of course, I gave myself a couple of 16-bar improvised solos at the beginning. I do all my pop and jazz and french horn stuff on a Yamaha 321. The Miraphone 5050 is not the sound I want for pop or jazz, and I have to work too hard to play it.

    Hope you enjoy.
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    Very nice arr. Jim. I just listened on the iPhone so not a great way to listen, but I will listen again when I get back home and on my PC with good speakers. There's some pretty high notes in your solo.
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    Good job, all the way around, Jim. I think the 321 was a smart choice,too. It sounds "right" in that setting, and a much larger horn isn't as natural a fit.
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  4. Jim, great sound. I really like this. Is the arrangement available? Can the French horn parts be written in Eb for our brass band?

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    Thanks to all for the kind words.

    For better or worse, I'm going to post several of my live performances--they are often off the beaten path and may give some people some ideas about taking the euphonium places it probably has no business being. Feel free to critique or groan as you see fit. I made a conscious decision NOT to do standard euphonium repertoire for the most part, since there are so many people who already do it superbly. I prefer to let people hear an unfamiliar instrument in a familiar context.

    The "serious" stuff I play with wind/brass ensembles is also off the beaten path a bit. I'll soon post live performances of the Frigyes Hidas and Eric Ewazen concertos. Both deserve wider performances, especially the Ewazen concerto.


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    Very Tasty! Thanks for posting!

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    Dang, that was good! I can see I should have moved to Indy, not Alabama, when I retired :-P The Indianapolis Brass Choir, and the Indianapolis Symphonic Band, conducted by Joe Poio, one of my dorm roommates at Butler. I'd bet there are some other groups that a retiree eupher could join, too.
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  8. Hi Jim

    Please let me know how I can send you an email.

    Little Jimmy

    Yamaha YBH 621s
    York Master trombonium


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