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Thread: Questions about early 1980s B&H/Besson production

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    Questions about early 1980s B&H/Besson production

    Hello all,

    I have a question concerning Boosey and Hawkes production around the time that my Imperial euphonium was made (1982). From the research that I've done since acquiring the horn, which was a little over a year ago now, it seems that this was near the time that Boosey and Hawkes discontinued the Imperial/New Standard models and began to only produce the Sovereign line. Is this nearly correct? Does anybody know when exactly B&H discontinued the Imperial/New Standard?

    Thanks very much

    Kyle Aufderhar

    1982 Besson Imperial 767 euphonium (Giddings and Webster Carbonaria)
    1966 Salvation Army Triumphonic baritone (Doug Elliott, LT 100 rim, F cup, F3xs shank)

    Lafayette Concert Band
    Acadian Wind Symphony
    University of Louisiana-Lafayette Wind Ensemble

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    I've got a Sovereign that dates to 1983, best I can tell, so those dates sound about right.

  3. My Besson New Standard is probably from -82, I use a DW 4 AL and love the sound!

    A quick comparision with an old Sovereign in my band, without playing, gave me the impression that the NS was more heavy,and even the valves got more weight?

    Anybody knows is this could be true, or are there other differences?


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    I get plenty of compliments on the tone my Sovereign produces from my band mates. I also use a 4AL and have been quite pleased with its flexibility and sound. I've tried other mouthpieces, but always find myself coming back to the 4AL!

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