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Thread: Euphonium / Piano duets?

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    Euphonium / Piano duets?

    Read carefully now -- because you've likely already misinterpreted the title of this posting .

    I am looking for some easy to "intermediate" piano/euphonium (or even piano/tuba) duets. By this I mean pieces that are genuine DUETS rather than euphonium solo with piano accompaniment. I THINK the distinction should be pretty clear here, but I'd be willing to clarify it if necessary.

    Anything come to mind?
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    I recommend the Aria Con Variazioni by G.F. Handel, transcribed by R. Bernard Fitzgerald. It was transcribed for cornet, but is very nice on euphonium and I have even heard it performed on tuba.

    Dave Werden made a nice recording of it.


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    The Handel IS nice, and I love playing it. You could say it leans more on the duet side; the piano has some nice parts to play, and of course it was a keyboard piece originally. Here is my own recording:

    Maybe even more duet-like is this Beethoven Sonata. It is still solo accompaniment, but the piano will be challenged by the part:

    Beethoven wrote several theme/variations for piano/cello. They make for really fine material:

    Beyond that, you might contact Cimarron Music (there is a contact form on their site). They could perhaps advise if they have any true duets:
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    I recently put together three (soon four) books of folk songs and art songs for solo and piano. The interaction between soloist and piano puts them more into the category of duet than solo with piano. For intermediate, I arranged a version of the shaker tune (titled 'Shaker Tune Variants') that is definitely a duet between instrument and piano. Email me for soundfiles.

  5. Old post, I know. I recently arranged the Beethoven cello+piano variations on "Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen" from Magic Flute -- for Baritone + Piano.

    It is great music and not too difficult under the fingers. Of course it'll work fine for Euph, and you can then extend some of the notes down a bit. For the piano part you can use the original one from IMSLP or just buy it, it's in the same key -- I've just adjusted a few octaves.

    If you want a PDF of the solo part, PM me.
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