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  1. Yamaha 621 Value

    Since there are so few these euphs on the market, I was wondering if anyone had any idea of what a used one is worth. Maybe the ratio of value as compared to a Yamaha 642 all things being equal. A friend and I are trying to arrange a barter deal (new jinbao tuba to Yamaha 621) he thinks a Yamaha 642 and a 621 are a wash when it comes to value on the market. We are good enough friends to handle any answers.

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    I would think the 621 would be worth somewhat more than a 321, but less than the compensating models 641/642. (You posted this in the Euphonium category, so I assume you are asking about euphonium models for this comparison.)

    In general, a company's compensating horns are priced higher than the non-comp models when new. That carries over to the used prices in some kind of proportion.
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