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Thread: Shopping for euphoniums online.

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    Shopping for euphoniums online.

    Does anyone know if the site Cash4Brass is legit?

  2. Yes it is. I've never ordered an actual instrument from her, but she is very informative and helpful. Jenny will send you plenty of high-quality pictures and probably has a large collection of mouthpieces, mostly Wick I imagine since she mostly sells instruments for the brass band scene. She hunts around the UK for pro-level used brass, Sovereigns, Imperials, and the like. There's a facebook page and an ebay account with pretty much flawless reviews. Once I have the cash, I probably will buy either a BE955 or BE950 from her.

    Also, you could try negotiating the prices, within reason of course.

    If one is more cautious, one could use Paypal. But paying in US dollars through paypal will essentially increase your cost by about 6%. (3% conversion fee for you and 2.9% for her to receive your money. )

    I'd have no qualms about doing a bank transfer with her, however. But to each his own.

    *I have no affiliation, I just want to see this business thrive because I really enjoy BBB instruments and I want the business to be around when I have the funds to buy a Sovereign tenor horn or baritone.
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    Christopher Chen
    bolded are for sale
    B&H 967 - Globe Stamp
    B&H 960 (3 valve comp euph) - Globe Stamp
    Salvation Army Triumphonic Eb Alto, silver plated

    On the lookout for:
    Silver plated:
    pre '93, post '06 Sovereign Alto/Tenor Horn
    pre '93, post '06 Sovereign Baritone (3 valve)

    York/Sterling/LMI variants accepted

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    Thank you I tend to be very careful when it comes to websites that sell instruments.

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    I run
    Appreciate it is worrying buying anything abroad especially from the internet but I have worked hard to obtain an excellent reputation on ebay before setting up my website and have built up one of the largest collections of used professional brass instruments.
    Please get in touch if I can be of any assistance.
    Best wishes, Jenny


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