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Thread: Adams in Atlanta

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    Adams in Atlanta

    Are there any of the blessed few who own Adams Customs that have chosen to live in Atlanta? I've begun to zero in on the Adams, and I'd like to try as many variants as I can, though I'm particularly intrigued by the mysterious properties surround the sterling silver bell. However, I'm a bit limited in driving range, so if there's anybody in the greater Metro Atlanta area, or in the state of Georgia in general, I'd love to pop on by and try out your horn. And, a question for all the Adams users on the forum; what is this mysterious special quality attributed to the sterling silver bell? How can you describe it, if at all?

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    It's in the resonance and the slight changes to timbre made by the Sterling Silver bell, at least in the Adams implementation of it. All Adams instruments I've played -- maybe 4-5 brass bells, 2 silver bells -- have a deep resonance unique to Adams. The only instrument I've played with a similar, but not the same resonant feel, is a German Besson Sovereign 968. I think that the sterling Adams instrument is the standout, that the brass belled ones are certainly superb, but not necessarily to be preferred over others.

    The silver bell sound is deeper, darker, but very alive with a complex overtone structure. The sound is not too thick nor too airy, but nicely in the middle. As I play the horn, I get other musicians, low brass and high brass, coming up and complementing me on the sound, far more often and spontaneously than with any other euph I have played.

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    Yeah, what JTJ said! He describes it very well.
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    I have a silver bell York. JTJ said it best. It carries a deep sound but also has a little edge to it allowing it to be noticed.

    York 3082 - Silver 3+1
    Giddings & Webster Bayamo Heavyweight

    Practice by itself is not fun but it sure makes performing an absolute blast!

  5. York made sterling silver bells??
    Christopher Chen
    bolded are for sale
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    B&H 960 (3 valve comp euph) - Globe Stamp
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    York/Sterling/LMI variants accepted

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    Sorry for the confusion guys, I was responding to two posts at the same time and got my wires crossed (another blog has a running converstation about silver vs. lacquer plating). I owned a trumpet (Bach) that I purchased right after high school that had a sterling bell. One of the first series they sold to the public if I recall. It was a sweet horn. Someone offered my almost what I paid for it right at the time I was looking for money to purchase a I sold it. Mr. Chen is right, the York is silver plated brass.

    York 3082 - Silver 3+1
    Giddings & Webster Bayamo Heavyweight

    Practice by itself is not fun but it sure makes performing an absolute blast!

  7. If you'd like to drive over to Birmingham you can try mine. Let me know,
    Martin Cochran
    Adams Performing Artist

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