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Thread: Replacement Valve Caps for Besson Imperial

  1. Replacement Valve Caps for Besson Imperial

    I have one Besson Imperial euphonium I use as primary horn. The valve caps/finger buttons (Place where fingers go to press down on valves) are very small and uncomfortable. I was wondering if I might be able to buy some valve caps used on a Besson sovereign or imperial, or any one of their newer models and it would fit. I just need more comfortable finger buttons that have the threading needed for the valves.

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    It's not just the threading but also the interface between the channel for the felt on the bottom and the top cover of the valve casing. You don't want to throw off your valve alignment. If you are willing to take the risk, though, I have a set of four lacquered brass finger buttons from a 1990s sovereign I can sell you.

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    'bbocaner' makes a good point. The finger button edges need to align properly with the top valve cap to contact the felt for proper valve port alignment.

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    So I've had the opportunity to test a set of sovereign and prestige valve buttons on a new standard euphonium. They don't fit. Threading is different.

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    What about the possibility of buying some larger button "pearls" and just gluing them on top of the buttons you have? You could contour the edges with some fine sandpaper. The so-called "pearls" are available from several sources and in a number of sizes for euphoniums, tubas, and Sousaphones. Allied lists 13mm, 14.6mm, 15 mm, 15.5mm, 17mm and 17.8mm. Search on Ebay and you'll see all kinds. Votaw Tool Company also has some.

    This approach would avoid any problems with the button not fitting or aligning properly with the valve cap. And I think if done carefully would not look particularly weird.

    Tuba players -- for some reason lost in the mists of history, I'm sure -- have the habit of gluing coins on top of their valve buttons if they don't like how they feel or aren't quite in the correct positions. You could throw a few thousand dollars into antique gold coins for that purpose and you'd have a remarkable conversation piece as well.
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    So I've had the opportunity to test a set of sovereign and prestige valve buttons on a new standard euphonium. They don't fit. Threading is different.
    Those were the new Besson, German built button sets, I'm assuming? My 1980 967 buttons, top, and bottom caps were all interchangeable with a New Standard.
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