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Thread: Hello from Denver; we specialize in vintage american & european brass!

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    Lightbulb Hello from Denver; we specialize in vintage american & european brass!

    If any of you happen to live in Colorado, please accept our invitation to come to our shop. We specialize in vintage american and european brass instruments and have dozens of baritones, euphoniums, tubas, and sousaphones in stock at all times. We also have boxes of vintage mouthpieces. All of our brass instruments for sale are listed on our website

    Check out this rare York double bell euphonium we recently acquired:

    Feel free to call us anytime with questions or to ask us what we think your horn might be worth. Thanks again for this awesome website and great community of like-minded musicians

    The Music Store
    (303) 458-5900

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    Welcome to the forum. Note that at some point in the future we may begin to require businesses to purchase site ads to be able to post info like this, but for now you're good!

    NOTE to forum members: this horn is listed at $1500 on their website.
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