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Thread: mouthpieces for sale, schilke, bach, wick

  1. Smile mouthpieces for sale, schilke, bach, wick

    all large shank mouthpieces:

    Denis Wick 4AL
    Denis Wick SM5U
    Schilke 51D
    Schilke 52D

    In my opinion, every one of them are great sounding pieces, but not all of them fits my face, so I?m getting back to my willson 51D-3 instead,
    which followed my large shank Willson 2900. (I wonder why nobody knows anything about this piece)

    They are silver plated without any damage or marks. As good as new. Used and tested the last couple of years.
    We can agree on a price.

    Don`t hesitate to send my an email

    This is my first post here. After that I`ve been reading for years I finally made a registration

    ...and yes, shipping from norway.(thank you, RickF)
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    Hi Juffmann. Welcome to Dave Werden's forum.

    You didn't mention where you're located, but since I'm a moderator, I can see you're located in Norway. Just so others know with regards to shipping cost.

    Again, welcome.
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