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Thread: Good Travel Case

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    Surely they could make a profit on them selling them. Do they really justify costing nearly the same as the Marcus Bonna in cloth?
    A) They're not in the business, and clearly have no desire to be in the business, of selling cases; they're in the business of selling horns;

    B) clearly, they have run the calculations and come to the conclusion that the minuscule profit to be made from selling cases isn't worth the explicit, implicit, and non-monetary opportunity costs of doing so;

    C) At $600 each, they clearly DO make a profit on the few cases they do sell to the suckers who are willing to pay it.

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    What horn are you planning on putting into the case? Not all cases fit all euphoniums.
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    My son plays a Miraphone 5050 and has a Marcus Bona case. He just traveled to 4 grad school auditions on 16 different planes. He was able to carry on the horn on every flight without a problem. No damage at all to the horn. I'm not sure I would ever want to have to have it checked but I think the size and shape of the case really helped him not get stopped or questioned.

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