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Thread: Shallow Cup and Lage Diameter vs Small Diameter and Deep Cup

  1. Doug Elliott's suggestion would put you in the Wick/Bach 4 and 3 rim sizes. If you need a larger rim, I would just switch to one full time which would probably mean a (deeper cup one like the SM series or AL, but you might find you like the BL cup, you never know). OR work with Doug and get one of his mouthpieces. They're worth every penny and if you want something more efficient/clearer in the high register you can get a 2nd, shallower, cup and backbore to use with the same rim. If you need a larger rim you may also benefit from a narrower rim, which Doug offers.

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    You might want to consider something like an SM3.5, Schilke 53, or a Warburton Demondrae signature model. I think the SM3.5 would fit your criteria better for the shallow cup, wide rim ultimatum, or maybe a Gail Robertson piece. That said, at the same time, you want to think about where you'll sit in the ensemble. I find that these big pieces tend to turn my sound towards the "Background brass" side of the spectrum; that is, good for support and not too great for solos. Right now, my approach is to start with a bright piece (the GW Kadja in titanium) and then work towards the darker tendencies of the horn, so that I blend and support when needed, but really stand out when I need to. I was at UGA JanFest this weekend, and heard multiple euph solos during the concerts, and some folks really had a presence and others just swelled and got sort of muddy, to the visible exasperation of the conductor. There was actually a performance of the Cosma concerto as well, and the soloist's setup made it difficult, it seemed, to speak over the ensemble. Granted, his bell was pointed away from me, and I was still floored by the performance.
    ANYWAYS, rambling aside; you may want to think more about sound concept than range. You can work up range as you need to with most any mouthpiece, though with more ease on some than on others.

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