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Thread: euphonium (collection) for sale --retiring. willsons, hirsbrunners, bessons

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    euphonium (collection) for sale --retiring. willsons, hirsbrunners, bessons

    I am retiring and liquidating all (most) of my collection

    2 hirsbrunners (1 4v compensating, 1 non compensating)
    2 willsons (one euro shank, 1 large shank)
    1 prestige 2051-2
    1 sovereign 967=2
    1 courtois 4v compensating (meinl 451) lacquer
    1 courtois saxhorn silver, 4 valve
    1 courtois baritone non comp
    1 besson baritone 757 (like the old Imperial)
    2 besson 1065-2 4 valve (3+1) non compensating.

    all new or in superb condition.

  2. How much for the large shank Wilson??! Any pictures? And where are you located?

  3. What model is the compensating hirsbrunner? A 479 or 378?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BE2052andMW551S View Post
    What model is the compensating hirsbrunner? A 479 or 378?
    Here is what I can tell you about the Hirsbrunner.

    4 valve
    3 shanks
    hard case
    fully compensating
    i have been playing the horn, on and off, since the mid 90's. It is in great shape. I made several recordings on it, played it in the Goldman Band, and always liked the way it sounded. It is very free blowing more so than most other Hirsbrunners I have played. The two traditionally bad notes on Hirsbrunners, the B natural and the Gb, are very good. It was my principal back up horn, so it doesn't really have a lot of miles on it. I don't know the model #. I am not sure they had the different bell sizes when it was made. Silver finish is just about perfect, maybe 98%. Valves show no signs of wear.

    I am in NY.
    I do not have pictures, but will try to get some uploaded.
    Asking price $4,800.00

    Thanks for the interest


  5. Ok thanks. How about the two Willsons? Any specifications on them and price? I live in Louisiana.

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    The Willson is a large shank, 4 valve compensating. I sent it out for cleaning, and had the horn extensively hand engraved. It is in terrific shape. It was my principal euph for many years. It will not be ready for a few weeks. plating, valves are perfect. Will work on getting some pictures wheI get the horn back. Comes with upgraded Willson case. I used to do some consulting work for the company, and I hand selected this instrument back when DEG was importing Willsons.

    Asking price is 5K.

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    I'm interested on the Prestige. What's your price on that?

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    prestige 2051

    The Prestige is brand new. Comes in a stupid heavy woodshell case. If you carry this bad boy to a concert, you can skip going to the gym for the day. I was down in Jacksonville, going through some Courtois product, and they had this stuck in a corner.

    model 2051
    4 valve compensating
    main tuning slide trigger
    large shank receiver
    black onyx valve buttons
    acrylic guard for trigger mechanism.
    Dealers are selling them for about 7K and change. (You have a computer. Look it up).
    Asking price 6K

    I am in Ny if anyone wants to come audition the horns.
    No mouthpiece. But tell me what you play on, and I will see if I can scare something up.

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    Jeez... my budget only goes as far as about $5,000 to $5,500, provided I can sell my Sovereign in any kind of timely manor. I'd love to get my hands on this horn, but I'm afraid I live in Atlanta an won't be straying above the Mason-Dixon line for a while. It's a lot to ask, but is there any chance you could reduce the price and, possibly, hold it for a while? I'm a junior in high school, so cash is kinda tight, but that Prestige is something from a dream. I just have to at least try.

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    I am looking at music store pricing, and I do not see the Prestige 2051 in silver for under 7K. I agree with you, the stuff has gotten completely out of control on pricing. The Willsons are 8K, the Hirsbrunners are really only made special order, and are also crazy money. That said, this is the best price you will ever find on a brand new Prestige.

    As I mentioned, this is a retirement sale. I just feel it is time to this the herd and get down to 1 instrument, in case I have to play Bydlo or Planets.

    6K is a more than fair price. 5 is simply not possible.

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