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Thread: euphonium (collection) for sale --retiring. willsons, hirsbrunners, bessons

  1. What are you asking for the Besson Baritone horn?


  2. how much for the courtois baritone? is it lacquer?

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    Is the Prestige still available? It's looking like I can get together the scratch to finally pick it up for $6,000 even.

  4. Are any of the compensating horns still available?

  5. Hi,

    Are any of your Willson Euphoniums still up for sale?


  6. Could yo give some info about the Besson 1065-2's?

  7. Are any left?

    Do you have any of these horns still for sale? If so, would you please call me at 803-873-0914? I am looking for a Hirsbrunner.

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    As some others have been asking, what horns are you still selling? I'm interested in the besson prestige if you still have it, and the large shank willson. I leave relatively close to New York and would love to try any horns if possible. Please give me a call (408) 691-5793


  9. I am looking for a medium shank Willson if you still have one for sale.

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    The 1065 is a Besson silver plated 4 valve (3+1) large shank 4 valve non compensating euphonium. I have 2 of them, and they are both in brand new/demo condition. Might have tiny bit of tarnish and need a polish. No dents, no scratches. Comes in a wood shell case. No mouthpiece, but I a sure I can come up with something. $1,400 plus 60.00 shipping, anywhere in CONUS. email for pictures:



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