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Thread: Besson or B&H Sovereign 966, 967, 968

  1. Besson or B&H Sovereign 966, 967, 968

    What distinguishes these? Is it only the bell sizes and receivers?
    For example, I have a B&H 967. What if I changed the receiver to medium and got an 11 inch besson bell. Would I have a 966?

  2. 966s also have large shank receivers.
    They say a 966 is "medium bore", I used to play on one and I think the difference between that and a 968 is very small.

    968 has the 967 body (large bore) plus an 11" bell.
    967 is large bore and large bell.

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    The 966/968 have a different leadpipe than the 967. The former models' leadpipes are slightly more angular-looking (like a stretched-out "Z"), while the 967 is a smoother curve (some in the U.K. call it the "swan leadpipe"). The 967's leadpipe has a different taper, and I believe the difference is that it gets large much sooner.
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