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Thread: career in military band

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    career in military band

    hello all!

    i ultimately want to play in a military band at one point, but i am confused in the process of being in one and the differnences in each level of bands. if someone could break down for that would be greatly appreciated!

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    career in military band

    Sorry, but I need to ask the question -

    Did you read through the rather targeted information in this part of the forum on military bands? Are you aware that others have asked the same question you're asking? If you did read through, you'll find the answers you're looking for.

    There are web sites quoted, all manner of information. Do your homework, then come back and ask questions.

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    Kanstul 33-T lBBb tuba (built 2010)
    Shen 3/4 upright bass (who cares?)

  3. Hi i have question for all, I recently joined an army fleet band but I am also in ROTC I was wondering does anyone know if I can be an officer in band somewhere is this possible


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