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  1. tuba mouthpiece

    i have searched the internet for tuba mouthpieces and I have decided between these two mouthpieces.

    .schilke 67

    .schilke helleberg II

    If any of you have used these mouthpieces, please help me make my decision.

  2. tuba mouthpiece

    It really depends on what horn you have, and what kind of music you play. I use a Shilke 69 with my small horn to help with the low notes. I don't know enough about the Helleburg to be able to comment. I like the Shilke mouthpieces; use them on tuba and euph.

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    tuba mouthpiece

    It really depends on what horn you have, what kind of music you want to play, and HOW THE MOUTHPIECE WORKS FOR YOU. Different people have (surprise!) different mouths, different breathing capabilities, different size lips, etc. I don't think that you'd post a similar query asking people what size and style of shoes they think you should order, now would you? (I strongly recommend size 13 Korkers with the studded felt soles for wading those difficult streams.)

    Among Schilke mouthpieces, my strong preference has always been the Schilke 66 (though the original Schilke Helleberg -- not the II -- is a close second). But I tend to prefer a somewhat smaller tuba mouthpiece than many others do.

    However, after some years of playing on a Schilke 66, I changed over to a German-style bowl-shaped mouthpiece (PT-89) which works a bit better for me and I think sounds better on my instrument. But I do have a 66 that I might use for smaller ensemble work.

    Look ... several different vendors (Woodwind and Brasswind, Mouthpiece Express, I think Dillon's, et al.) offer trials. It may cost you $5/mouthpiece to try and return them, but that's worth it compared to buying one blind and then either returning it or being stuck with it. TRY THEM! Select 3 or 4 mouthpieces that you think MIGHT be good for you, and give them a try together for a week or so. Think if it as spending $25 or $30 (including shipping) for the INFORMATION you get -- instead of spending close to $100 on a mouthpiece you haven't tried. Even then it will take you some time to get used to a mouthpiece and really decide whether it is a good one for you. But at least try these things for a week or so before you buy.

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