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  1. Auditions for Military Bands

    Hi Everyone,

    I am finishing up my undergraduate degree in Euphonium this coming year and I know I want to go to grad school (hopefully overseas). I hope to one day be in one of the DC Military Bands, but I recently had a thought. I've seen audition information pop up on this forum many times, and I noticed that they have all been for the higher end bands. I was wondering if the audition process was the same as a DC band for the regional and reserve bands as far as waiting for a vacancy before we audition. My cousin auditioned for a sax position with one of the army bands and their process was much different than the ones I have seen. Apparantly they recieved the audition material something like a day before the actual audition took place and they had to do the audition with only that amount of time with the music. Has anyone else seen something like this for a Euphonium position?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Auditions for Military Bands

    Hey Ben,

    I'm planning on auditioning for the Army and that is one of the things they have you do. There are three parts to the audition (as far as I know):

    1. Prepared music-3 solos of contasting style (I think they said excerpts work too)

    2. Ceremonial music-they give you a packet of music to practice ahead of time

    3. Music preparation-this would be the packet you get the day before the audition.

    Im pretty sure you can audition whenever, and if there are no openings, then your name goes on a list for 6 months or something like that. Hope this helps

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    Auditions for Military Bands

    Job opportunities for the Navy Fleet Bands.


    One blurb about physical fitness. If you are over the guidelines for appearance, you will not be auditioned. Here's the current chart:

    Be warned, there is a manning level issue. If you pass the audition and appearance requirements, you will be placed on a waiting list for entry. There are other active, retired, and previous members that have additional information. You may wish to contact them via PM.

    Go Navy, Beat Army....


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