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Thread: Thomann Euphonium?

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    Hi all, it's a Chinese jinbao as far as I know. Ive only ever played besson sovereign or prestige instruments before. I did try a Wessex and that gave me the confidence that the horns played ok.

    I do wonder whether there is that much difference with the sound of the premium instruments. So many or the top players are sponsored.

    Anyway I'm still really pleased with it.

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    Based on my teacher's recommendation, and BTW, also on your video, I bought the 906 version in its sort of flashy silver/gold finish (don't like this too much) with a 12 1/4" bell and a main tuning slide trigger. It appears to be their best selling euph.

    The original MP is a #6, too small for me.
    Now, with a #4 MP, I couldn't be happier. We'll see if it keeps working this well.

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    I've got to say 5 years on I'm still really pleased with the euph, although I'm tempted to upgrade to a Thomann with a main tuning slide trigger. Does anyone have any experience of selling these used and what they might be worth?
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