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Thread: Thomann Euphonium?

  1. Thomann Euphonium?

    So I was just looking around online and I found the Thomann website. They sell a compensating euphonium with a trigger for a very low price? Has anybody ever heard anything about these?

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    Thomann Euphonium?

    Thomann is a reliable online dealer in Germany and somewhat as a price reference here. If somebody sells his instrument, he usually will compare the price with Thomann's price. I'm satisfied with this seller since I've bought some mutes, oil, maintenance material etc. from them. I've read good criticism about this Euph (also in a German music forum) - it seems to be at the same level with the Eastman compensator. Thomann has also an own repair shop.

    To get an instrument or give it back is no problem - here in Germany. Thumbs up! But I don't know, what about shipping to US.


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    I've just bought a Thomann euphonium, I've got to say i'm really pleased with it. I'm shocked (and delighted) that i've got an instrument at a fraction of the price of some of the leading brands. I'll post a beter quality video using it shortly..
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    Nice horn! I love the fact that we have more finishes to choose from these days, and I like what you chose. They use a little more attractive finger button on the valves, which I like compared to the Yamaha-type clones. It sounds, good too (not to be overlooked!). Keep us posted.
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  5. Looks and sounds great. Is it a European or Chinese manufactured instrument? One obvious place to cut corners is the valve block, but if its a European instrument its likely the valve block is from one of the few producers that incidently probably supply the same parts to some very 'high end' instruments.

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    Thanks for sharing Matthew. It looks great and sounds wonderful too.
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    Nice horn, Matthew. Very nice recording of "The Swan". You sound great! What inspired you to purchase a Thomann euphonium? What did you have before?
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    Quote Originally Posted by booboo View Post
    Is it a European or Chinese manufactured instrument?
    Chinese. In a similiar sense like perhaps Wessex. Otherwise they'd have it pointed out at their German website.

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  9. Can't see much detail beyond the basic specs on the thomann site. Maybe Matt will chime in with more info when he has time. At 1/4 of the price of a top end euph it does sound like a steal - particularly with the sound Matt coaxes from it.

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    sounds very nice! and i like the finish of the instrument a lot! For that price, it looks like a real steal if the quality proves to be acceptable.
    congrats on your purchase

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