Dear All,

This is kind of a plug and kind of an announcement...

In December of 2011, Cimarron Music Press took over the distribution of Tuba-Euphonium Press sheet music catalog. After many months, we have integrated the full catalog into our website and have begun the process of adding .pdf samples. Currently we have 471 uploaded and will be adding more every day until the catalog is complete. It is not a fast process...

So if you are curious or bored, go to:

Cimarron Music Press

and have look.

We hope to add .mp3 samples in the future, but right now do not have any to add. If you happen to have a recording, we would love to add anything that might be suitable. If nothing else, I can offer some free arrangements in trade. Just email me email off the list:

Onward and upward (or in our case onward and down low),

Bryan Doughty
BVD Press, Music Express, Cimarron Music Press and BrassWorks4