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  1. Couesnon Baritone / Euphonium

    I searched the site and didn't see a ton of information related to Couesnon baritones or euphoniums, but wanted to get some feedback on the following. I saw a 3 valve Couesnon Baritone Horn (although I think it might actually be an euphonium) listed on Craigs list. Some fairly good pictures of it and selling relatively inexpensively. ~$200.

    I told a friend from church and he checked it out and didn't seem to think it sounded that great in the lower register (He's a trombone player) I've considered checking it out either to play for myself or to fix up and re-sell, just wondering what it might be worth and what to look for in an Euphonium and if anyone can tell me more about this which when zooming the picture appears to be a Lafayette Couesnon Baritone horn.

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    Couesnon Baritone / Euphonium

    The "Lafayette" was Couesnon's beginner/student line of instruments. The professional line was dubbed "Monopole Conservatoire"; the intermediate line was dubbed "Alcazar."

    Gretch stopped importing Couesnon 1978. As far as I know, Couesnon hasn't had a US importer or distributor since then.

    Couesnon started selling off their factories in 1969, and essentially shuttered operations in the early '80s. The French drum maker P.G.M. acquired the Couesnon trademark in 1999 and revived the brand under the name "P.G.M. Cousenon," albeit with VERY limited production.

  3. Couesnon Baritone / Euphonium

    Most of these horns tend to have small bore(smaller than student euphs today), even the "Monopole Conservatoire" line, so that could explain why the low range was stuffy.


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