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Thread: 2nd Valve Spring(s)

  1. 2nd Valve Spring(s)

    I was cleaning the valves on my Bach 1110 euphonium today and saw that my 2nd valve held 2 springs. Before this I had noticed that the action on the 2nd valve wasn't the same as the other 3. Do you have any idea why there would be 2 springs there? I took one of them out and it feels much better.

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    2nd Valve Spring(s)

    I expect it was just a mistake. - Carroll

  3. 2nd Valve Spring(s)

    I was hoping that's what it was! I asked my brother-in-law (who plays trumpet) and he looked at me like I was stupid.

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    2nd Valve Spring(s)

    When multiple springs are stored in the same box or package, sometimes a couple may nest together. For a human putting them in a horn, it is not unthinkable that a nested pair could be picked up and inserted. I am not sure how robotic assembly works in this case (or even if it was used for your horn), but I suppose mechanical fingers could pick up a nested pair as well. I suspect one of the above happened with your horn, and that's my theory until a better one comes along!

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  5. 2nd Valve Spring(s)

    1 should be enough.
    2 may get in each others compression and cause problems.


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