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  1. Euphonium Restoration

    I was thinking about buying a used horn and wanted to know what Is a good estimate for the price to restore a old horn. Mind you i'm not buying a horn with playing issues, I just to get a horn that can already play well but just give it a new finish and take out the dents.

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    Euphonium Restoration

    Sorry, but that's a question only a repair tech can answer AFTER he or she has a chance to inspect the horn in person. There are too many unknowns to even begin to suggest a price range: what kind of restoration: play condition, mechanical overhaul, or a full overhaul; how old is the horn; is there hidden internal damage (rot, corrosion, [/i]etc.[/i]); are replacement parts available or will they have to be made from scratch; how big are the dents and where are they located; will any guards and/or bows need to be removed to get at them; what kind of finish, and how much stripping and buffing will need to be done before the new finish is applied; etc.

  3. Euphonium Restoration

    If you want it refinished, Dan Oberloh in the Seattle area would be my recommendation.
    He is worth the wait and worth the money, but both are substantial.

    As for specifics in the cost. You won't get an accurate price over the internet and the extent of the work is negotiable. Contact a tech who can do it.


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