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Thread: Perantucci Mouthpieces

  1. Perantucci Mouthpieces

    Hey everybody,

    I was just wondering if anybody has had any experiences with the perantucci mouthpieces? My sterling was shipped with a PT-4 (which I found too small) but it appears that the design of them are no longer the same as they were a few years ago. They now appear to resemble the tuba line of mouthpieces.

    I'm curious as to how they play seeing how many tuba players play on perantucci mouthpieces.


  2. Perantucci Mouthpieces


    My Sterling came with a PT-5C with the new mouthpiece shape. It is a very nice mouthpiece. I did not care for it because the 5C has a rim and throat size similar to a Denis Wick 4AL, which is too big for me. I sold it to a tuba player and he seems to like it a lot for doubling.


  3. Perantucci Mouthpieces

    Thanks for the reply! Just wondering, other than the size not being the right size for you, how did it feel to play it? Compared to maybe a Wick 4AL?


  4. Perantucci Mouthpieces

    The rim is very comfortable. If you have ever played on any of the Perantucci tuba mouthpieces, the rim feels very simiar. In comparsion to the Wick 4AL, the rim feels a little rounder but the articulations are still very easy. In my opinion, the sound on the Perantucci 5C is similar to the sound on the Wick 4AL but has a little bit more core and focus.


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