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Thread: Contrabass Accesories?

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    Contrabass Accesories?

    Well, i come into my High School band room one morning. My Director had a Surprise for the Marching Tuba's. We got a few King 1151SP's from the Seattle Cascades. There was also a bag included with them. I thought it might be shoulder pads, but some resemble a Violin Pillow Pad with Velcro on Both Sides. If these are Shoulder Pads, i can't find an Effective way of Putting them on(Though i haven't touched them much) and the Other things in the Bag were Thing Foamy Padding that interlock with Eachother like Puzzle Pieces. Director has No idea what they are, hoping someone here might be able to shed some light onto what they are! Thank you!

  2. Contrabass Accesories?

    Velcro strips wrapping around the contact points on the branch.

    Easy to make if you did ok in Home ec.


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