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Thread: Need help deciding between new horns!!!

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    Need help deciding between new horns!!!

    I emailed Miraphone in German and was treated very well...prompt response and quick solution to my issue.
    I'm sure, however, that they are perfectly fluent in English. I just like to practice and show courtesy to non-native English speakers.

    I think that Roger Lewis, formerly of WWBW, is Miraphone's US rep. If so, we are in good hands. He was great at WWBW and very consumer-friendly.

    I shall be testing this hypothesis shortly when I ask for some valve guides and a set of those PVC things they use instead of felts between the bottom of the valve cap and the top of the valve. Never seen anything like them, but they work.

    Jim W.
    Jim Williams N9EJR (love 10 meter CW)
    Shires Q41, Yamaha 321
    Yamaha 621 Baritone
    Wick 4AL or Alliance E3A
    Conn 50H trombone, Blue P-bone

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    Need help deciding between new horns!!!

    I've had a great Miraphone experience with John Ferguson at the Horn Guys. I had an issue with my 5050 not having a mp, but John and his crew did an outstanding job in resolving the situation.

    Miraphone 5050 Ambassador
    Mp: Wick SM4 Ultra X
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    Big Brass Quartet- tuba ensemble (EETT)

  3. Need help deciding between new horns!!!

    I think I'd go with the Miraphone...but then, I play amateur tuba, and just love the sound of those Miraphone euphs.

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