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Thread: Loose 2nd valve slide

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    Loose 2nd valve slide

    I have a Soverign 4 valve euphonium and the 2nd valve slide keeps falling out when I'm playing. A rubber band works but does not look too good. Any ideas? Thanks

  2. Loose 2nd valve slide

    The best way to deal with this is to take it to a reputable repair shop and have them "swage" the legs of the 2nd valve slide just slightly so that the fit into the receiver is a bit tighter. This is a very common problem with Prestige and Sovereign horns. I had the 2nd valve slide modified on my Prestige for this reason. By the way, using a rubber band tends to leave a pretty deep tarnish mark on the silver plated horns.


    Ed: I stand corrected (swage instead of swedge)
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  3. Loose 2nd valve slide

    I've never used the term "swedge" for that. We swedge woodwind keys with rounded swedging pliers to reshape the material around the contour of the rod and expand the width of the hingetube to removed lateral play.

    I would use a tubing expander to expand the width of the inner slide tubes to fit more snugly.

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    Loose 2nd valve slide

    Originally posted by: prototypedenNIS I've never used the term "swedge" for that. ... I would use a tubing expander to expand the width of the inner slide tubes to fit more snugly.
    I confess I have also used the term "swedge" to mean the same thing Doug meant. Maybe it has come into common [mis]use among players who are not repair techs (or maybe just among euphoniumists!).

    I'll try to remember to use "tubing expander" in the future to avoid confusion.

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    Loose 2nd valve slide

    In metalworking, "swage" (pronounced sw?ge/sw?ge) is the term for altering the dimensions of an item without removing material from the part being swaged. It is applied to forging, lengthening, expanding/reducing the diameter, shortening without cutting. It's usually applied to cold-forging processes, but is also applied to some hot-forging processes, particularly in black- and metalsmithing.

    Here's a video demonstrating swaging a copper plumbing pipe:

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    Loose 2nd valve slide

    As an alternative, may I suggest using an extra heavy slide grease? I like to use hetman's number seven on all my euphonium slides except the short ones, 2nd valve, and the two removable compensating loops where I use hetman's number 7P or hetman's number 9.


  7. Loose 2nd valve slide

    I have used dental floss and fishing line (the latter with more success) to hold a slide that kept falling. Although it doesn't make for a very flexible solution, it might work in certain cases. (ie. playing outside where you wouldn't want to drop a slide.)

  8. Loose 2nd valve slide

    so we're both right and I'm easily confused! :
    the more you know eh?

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    Loose 2nd valve slide

    It's a quick and easy process. My guy did this for me in about 20 seconds while I was standing there... and didn't even charge me for the service.


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