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Thread: Wanted: Medium Shank Mouthpiece

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    Wanted: Medium Shank Mouthpiece

    I need a Medium Shank Mouthpiece.

    I tried a Bach 12C small shank. The 12C works for me, but I would like to get ahold of a Schilke 51D.

    Well okay, I just need a mouthpiece so that I can play my new horn. Any medium shank mouthpieces out there collecting dust?


  2. Wanted: Medium Shank Mouthpiece

    These are cheap, good, and come in a 51D size.

    I'd still have my 51D if a local teacher would ever give it back to me...
    she kept it, then never returned my calls or spoke to me again.

    it's so good, she did bad things to keep it

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    Wanted: Medium Shank Mouthpiece

    I bought the Kelly 51D medium shank. It fits great!, plays great! The light weight takes some getting used to. I sometimes can't believe it is so light, yet such a great mouthpiece.


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