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Thread: New videos by Heavy Tuba Experience

  1. New videos by Heavy Tuba Experience

    Here some new videos which we recently recorded with Heavy Tuba Experience. Find them on the official YouTube channel of Heavy Tuba:

    Robert Bachner

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    New videos by Heavy Tuba Experience

    For those of you who haven't heard this stuff--GO IMMEDIATELY TO THE LINK!
    Then subscribe to heavyheimo's videos list on YouTube.
    This stuff is the next step after Matteson/Phillips--More modern-type tunes, more varied textures, more tuba improvising, still great euphonium solos.
    My personal preference is for the smaller group--2 tubas & euph plus rhythm, but all the stuff is good.
    I normally don't get into "fanboy" things, but this music is seriously good.

    ERSTKLASSIGE MUSIK, HERR BACHNER!!! Sind Partituren oder Leadsheets bestellbar?
    Jim Williams N9EJR (love 10 meter CW)
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  3. New videos by Heavy Tuba Experience

    I can send you some lead sheets (... or connect you with the other composers.) Please mail me in which ones you would be interested. See my HP for my email.

    Here HT on the web:


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