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    My 17 yo daughter who is somewhat of a hipster shared this video with me. It is a very unique group indeed. In the below video, they are playing an impromtu "take away" show outside a bar in Paris. I have never seen a euphonium used like this. What genre would this be? The lead singer is American. It is called Nantes.

    This next video is actually pretty cool as they find a restaurant/bar in Paris and kind of flash mob it. This piece is called The Penalty.

    This last video is the best quality one. It is a stage performance somewhere and is more professional.



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    It is funny actually that no one has commented on these videos. I actually was at a loss for words myself. I guess they are a bit strange.

    Maybe this should have been under sightings instead of pop/jazz.


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    This group was mentioned once before under the euph sightings topic. The thread was something like "Baritones In Alternative Music". I checked out your links a while back. I enjoy this group and what they are doing. My impression is that they use the euphonium because they happen to own one; I noticed that a couple of different musicians perform on it.

    - Carroll

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    You are probably correct because I dont think they are really trying to achieve any particular sound with the horns.

  5. These are just ad hoc street performances but if you listen to their studio recordings you'll see they use the euphonium and baritone horn pretty extensively with a nod to the Balkan brass band tradition. So there is a precedent and they aren't just using it because they happen to own one.

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  7. Hah! It's definitely not a case of "they happen to own one." Just because the sound isn't what you're used to hearing doesn't mean they don't know what they're doing...

    My friend Jon Natchez is playing the alto horn in those videos. He also plays euphonium, valve trombone, and several other instruments.

    Bari sax is his main axe though, which he plays with the band War on Drugs.

    He's also an accomplished film composer. A fantastic musician. Thanks for the videos.


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