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Thread: Taciturn Heart

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    Taciturn Heart

    A new piece for some kids up north....

    Taciturn Heart

    Ken F.

  2. Taciturn Heart

    Ken, how can I contact you to buy this? My good friend and I have been working the duet repitore of tuba and bassoon, and discovring how few things flow really well.


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    Taciturn Heart

    Hi Ally!

    I've just engraved this piece and will have it on the website before the weekend's end. Thanks for your interest!


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    Taciturn Heart

    It is now published at the website.


  5. Taciturn Heart

    Just ordered it. Thanks!

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    Taciturn Heart

    Got it. Your order should be in your email inbox. Let me know how it turns out.


  7. Taciturn Heart

    I will. We're going early to rehearsal tonight to give it a go.

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    Taciturn Heart

    How's it going? I always get curious when there are no questions or comments for a while.

  9. Taciturn Heart

    We're just getting back to this after a busy summer performance schedule. I'll keep you posted.


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