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Thread: Iceland Symphony audition (one year position)

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    Iceland Symphony audition (one year position)

    (From TubeNet):

    The Iceland Symphony is now accepting applications for the one year position of principal tuba. The application should consist of a cd, resume, and cover letter. The deadline is April 30th, 2011. I was asked to post this to this website but will have no further connection with this audition. Anyone with question can contact Kristin at

    The rep for the cd is:
    Solo of choice (3-4 mins)
    Berlioz Hungarian March- 20 till 2 after 21
    Prok. Sym 5 1st mvt.- 3 till 2 before 6
    Mahler 1 3rd mvt.- 4 before 3 till 4
    Wagner The Ride- major section
    Respighi- Fountains of Rome- 1 before 11 till 14

    It is a possibility of more than one player being asked to come and fill in for the year. So actually splitting the season up between a few guys or gals. Good luck to all.

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    Iceland Symphony audition (one year position)

    I was stationed in Iceland at the Keflavik NAS from 1993-1994. I loved it there. It is a very beautiful country.

    There are many things to do and see there and the people are very nice. It is a very rugged place.

    I wonder who got the part?


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    Iceland Symphony audition (one year position)

    Three or four people are splitting it. Expensive arrangement.
    Jim Williams N9EJR (love 10 meters)
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