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Thread: 4th Valve Played Out!

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    4th Valve Played Out!

    The lead eupher in my concert band plays on an Yep 641 Comp Euph. It is a very nice horn on which he got a really good deal. The horn sounds very nice and looks beautiful.

    We were about 10 minues to the down beat when he looked over and said his fourth valve would not work. Apparently, after oiling the valve, he started to put it back in and the metal insert in the valve guide gouged the inside of the casing where the valve guide travels up and down. The valve would seat and screw down but could not be pushed down.

    This changed the whole concert for us as we had spent weeks figuring out how to make all of our horns play in tune nicely. He had to drop out of a lot of stuff and lip down a lot of other stuff but we worked it out.

    I am sure he will be back in business by Tuesday's rehearsal.

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    4th Valve Played Out!

    This story has a happy ending. It turns out this was operator error. He did not realize his valve stem had come loose and caused the valve guide not to be seated properly.

    He took the valve apart and put it back together this week and it fixed the problem!


  3. 4th Valve Played Out!

    You mean 642?

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    4th Valve Played Out!

    Originally posted by: prototypedenNIS

    You mean 642?
    The 641 has valves built exactly like the 642's valves. The same design where the valve stem holds the guide in place (nipple in alignment hole) under a washer.

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  5. 4th Valve Played Out!

    Sorry, I'm not familiar with the model, my bad though.

    I am very familiar with the valves, same kind as on 201's and 321's. I've had to show many teachers repeatedly how to assemble them (specifically the order of assembly of parts and the valve guide being positioned into the vent hole instead of the alignment hole).

    It's a complex puzzle most adults with 5 years of University education can't or don't want to figure out.

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    4th Valve Played Out!

    It is a 641, it is several years old I believe

    Originally posted by: prototypedenNIS You mean 642?


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