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Thread: Tuba Duets for Young People

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    Tuba Duets for Young People

    At the request of Charlie Krause, I have put together book of ten duets for kids aged 12-19 (or young at heart too!), for solo and ensemble festivals or simple to play with the kids during lessons.

    10 Tuba Duets for Teens

    This same set is available for euphonium and French horn too.

    Ken Friedrich

  2. Tuba Duets for Young People

    I am going to give this a try. The band director in the town where I work has asked me to find a duet to do with her tuba player for their spring concert. I will keep you posted.

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    Tuba Duets for Young People

    Will go out first thing Monday. I appreciate your support!

    If later, you'd like something more challenging for you with your students, check out the duets for 'Teacher and Student'. Scott Roeder coaxed me gently into creating those for his studio.


  4. Tuba Duets for Young People

    Got it! I will take it to the school on Tuesday, and see how they like it.


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