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    This year it is being held from January 26-29. I am planning on going (probably driving down, perhaps taking the train). Anyone else planning on going?

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    I'm planning to be there!

    The conference schedule and hotel info are here

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    Seeing as it's less than 20 miles from home, I always go. You want to grab a bite, Doug? My absolute favorite Mexican or hamburger restaurants are just a few minutes from the base.

    I'd love to meet you, fsung, maybe if we were to meet face to face we'd stop disagreeing on EVERYTHING on the forum?!?


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    I and the entire WVU tuba/euph studio, plus our applied instructor are going to be at the conference for all 3 days. Very excited.

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    I will be there (my second). Last year I stayed at the recommended Virginian Suites, which was OK but no restaurant. Are there other close places with a restaurant? I have heard there is a Days Inn close.


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    The Days Inn is right across the street from the pedestrian entrance, but it's (more than a little bit of) a dump (and tends to be overrun with HS/college tubists/euphers).

    I've stayed at the Sheraton National, which has a very nice restaurant (and a great breakfast buffet), the past couple of years. It seems to attract a "more chronologically mature/less boisterous" crowd than the Days Inn. It's < 1 mile from the front gate. (You can see if from Bruckner Hall).

    I've heard from people whose judgment I respect that the Best Western Rosslyn/Iwo Jima (also < 1 mi from the front gate) is very nice as well.

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    Thanks for the recommendations. It looks like the Best Western would be >$100 less than the Sheraton for a 2-night stay, so that may be the one (and they DO have a restaurant).

    See you at the conference....LH

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    Originally posted by: LCH3

    Thanks for the recommendations.* It looks like the Best Western would be >$100 less than the Sheraton for a 2-night stay, so that may be the one (and they DO have a restaurant).

    Not necessarily.

    Forget the posted rates, even the rates quoted on Priceline/Hotwire/Travelocity/, etc.. Book your room through Priceline's "Name Your Own Price."

    Both times I stayed at the Sheraton, I bid significantly less than the Priceline posted rate of $67/night for the Days Inn, and got it for less than the folks I know who stayed at the Best Western paid for their rooms.

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    Felix, you are truly a wealth of information! I shall follow your recommendation on booking.

    Thanks again!

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    Originally posted by: LCH3 Felix, you are truly a wealth of information!
    Right you are!! I have considered changing his forum title from "Senior Member" to "Weath of Information Guy" but that seemed a bit awkward.

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