Conn 20J BBb recording bass with original 24" forward bell, lacquer finish, 7.5" collar. Short-stroke valves work well. Numerous small dents*, but the tuba plays and sounds fantastic with the big Conn full-throated bass. INCLUDES ORIGINAL CONN 2-PIECE HARD CASE with velour lining and mouthpiece compartment in very good condition. Pick it up and go!

This is a wonderful tuba for playing on Dixieland, trad jazz, or ethnic gigs, etc. It's easy to play, so it's ideal for a novice player to produce a great sound and feel confident in an ensemble.

Here's a response to this ad from another forum:

If I didn't already have a 20J, I'd buy it. I absolutely love these horns as I use mine almost regularly. Nothing can compare to the sound they produce.
Tuba is located in the Chicago area. I'm selling it because another horn that I've acquired serves the same functions as the 20J. $845 OBO + shipping.

Steve Marcus

*but in CONSIDERABLY better condition than the 20J sold recently without any case on the 'Bay for $445