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Thread: Valve Oil and Slide Grease Combo

  1. Valve Oil and Slide Grease Combo

    Denis Wick Valve Oil with PTFE (Teflon beads)
    Valves do not stick, even when completely dried out.

    Hetman's #7 Slide Gel
    Does not oxidize and turn brown.
    Convenient squeeze bottle helps in laying down a thin bead.

    Thanks to all that recommended the Hetman's #7.

    I have used both exclusively since receiving my new Besson 2056 baritone.
    Excellent combination, especially for new horn break-in.

  2. Valve Oil and Slide Grease Combo

    I love the Wick Oil!

    It's great!

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    Valve Oil and Slide Grease Combo

    Is this the valve oil you're referring to?

    I've been using the Yamaha synthetic - which is excellent - but still leaves a bit of residue at the bottom of the valves like Hetman's does. Not as bad as Hetman, but still there.

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  4. Valve Oil and Slide Grease Combo

    that's it! awesome!


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