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Thread: Mouthpiece placement?

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    Mouthpiece placement?

    Over the past couple of weeks, I've tried to adjust my mouthpiece placement by moving it down. In the past, the rim of the mouthpiece is almost touching my nose. I could play fairly high, but when I got into the extreme upper register, the pitches were terribly inconsistent in their sound quality. I also couldn't play in the lower register without shifting the rim. I lost an octave, but it's getting better. What do you think about this decision?

  2. Mouthpiece placement?

    "We hear so much about one half of the mouthpiece upon the upper lip one half on the lower lip", or 1/3 upper 2/3 lower,or 2/3 upper 1/3 lower "that it may become confusing". "In my opinion. One thing is certain. Once you find the right spot, you must maintain it But which is best". "In my opinion it depends on the individual Ones lip thickness, occlusion (overbite, underbite, etc.), length of teeth, length of jaws, length of lips. the individual, with the help of his teacher, will determine the correct placement for him."

    The best position for you , most likely, is the position to which your lips naturally gravitate on the mouthpiece unless the mouthpiece placement is extreme. Your problems may not related to lip position.

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    Mouthpiece placement?

    I have a pretty low placement myself, and so does my teacher James Jackson. He has no problem with shifting, and he even recommends it!


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