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Thread: Gig in Austria

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    Gig in Austria

    Hi my name is James. When i toured Europe in the summer of 2007 with Blue Lakes International Exchange Program we had a outdoor show scheduled at an elevation around 8 to 11 thousand feet. Down in the valley it was about 55 degrees very mild for the season. The bus drove up the mountain and we arrived at this small city with a huge pavilion. when we walked out of the bus we could see our breaths and thats not the worst of it. It started raining. When you played your horn fogged up horribly.Then we battled our way through the 1.5 hour show. I swear it was around frizzing that evening. It was the worst gig ever
    James Long
    Besson 2052
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    Oakland University Brass Band

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    Gig in Austria

    Amana, IA.

    We played in one of those old hay barns that lets the air dry the hay...the boards let the cold wind whistle right through. I wore my coat the second day! Folks were really enjoying sitting in the freezing cold, with ski caps and mittens on, while drinking ice cold beverages and celebrating Oktoberfest.


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