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    Hello everyone,
    I have recently decided to enter a euphonium competition where i need to play a solo/send a recording. I have a solo that me and my teacher worked on but it isn't perfected and it isn't a great showcase of what i can do. I would like any suggestions of pieces that i could play i only have 3 weeks to learn it so something relatively good but still can show off the euphonium. I would prefer the range to stay within high F/F# to low Eb. I could play a high G just i cant play it very well when moving fast on technical parts.
    Any advice is welcome

    Sean Jobes

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    The section in Arban's on The Art of phrasing. Suggest you look at 81, 109, 129, 136, 145 (you can end this one after variation 2 by going directly to piu mosso at the end), 147. You should be able to find a piece that suits your taste and talent.

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    What page would they be on i cant seem to find them in my copy

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    Himie Voxman has done quite a bit to add to this level of repertoire. His Concert and Contest book is a great place to look.

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    The page number is going to depend on the version of Arbans you have. The Alessi-Bowman number 81 is on pg 242, The Goldman platinum edition it appears on pg 214. Look at the contents, the art of phrasing lies between double tonguing and duets. There are "junior" versions of Arban's so perhaps you do not have the Art of phrasing section in your book.

    There was a website that had a competent Trumpet playing the entire Arbans, down loadable mp3s but it no loner seems be in existence.

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    i'm with euphkidd on this one i'm afraid. And my Arban is definately not a student version.
    It's the big yellow one. Cover says "J.B. Arban CORNET METHOD"
    3 Parts (books rolled into one i suppose) Part 3 starts from page 192 and onwards, but it's just solo's and studies.

    Part 2 has Double tonguing at the end. Infact, from pages 153 through 190 is all multiple tonguing.

    Page 152 have fourteen cadenzas?

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    Well I guess all Arban,'s are not equal, I'm shocked.

    Eugene Adam Collection down loadable solos maybe you can find something here

    OOPs I guess we never specified bass or treble. If you are treble reader look over the trombone solos. Give me idea of the level and I might have a free domain solo that can be downloaded

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    thanks for the solos they may help a bit. I'm a bass clef reader my teacher says i play at a high school junior level but ii would like something that doesn't go way up high or low and doesn't go a million miles per hour on the valves.

    Thanks for your wonderful help

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    Here's a wild idea, take Bolivar which is in tenor clef but read it like it was written in base clef but you see B# you play b natural. skip the mulimeasure rests. This coverts the range from d below the staff to high F with a single staccato quarter note high G at the end of the piece. Pretend you're Steve Mead not some trombone player playing this piece.

    Alessi plays Bolivar

    A full band arrangement of Bolivar on ebay for $14.99. Then when you've learned tenor clef someday, you go up to director and say "I'd Like to play this solo, I am prepared, here is a recording and a full band arrangement. Bandmasters like that.

  10. Solo

    Thanks for the great idea.

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