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Thread: C Euphonium owners - opinions wanted

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    C Euphonium owners - opinions wanted

    Does anyone here have a C euphonium? I searched threads and am considering buying one. At a recent conference I was told that all C euphoniums have intonation problems because they are all just Bb horns with some tubing removed. Is this true? Are the intonation problems severe?

    I've looked on the web for Cervany, Amati, and Weril instruments. All seem to be back ordered or unavailable. I'm leaning toward getting an Amati 4 valve model. Opinions?

    I'm enjoying playing popular music on my CC tuba, and think a C euph would be fun too, since I wouldn't have to sight transpose.

  2. C Euphonium owners - opinions wanted

    As a technician I generally do not suggest Amati or Cerveny to anyone. Cerveny can be okay, but having played a Bb Cerveny, I would definitely not recommend one as the valve action was far too slow, even after bringing it in to a very reputable repairman.

    With tubas there are many companies that make professional CC tubas, with euphoniae, C instrument are generally made by lower quality companies.

    Given these 3 you've found, I would take the Weril, but I would not rate the Weril as a break away winner.

  3. C Euphonium owners - opinions wanted

    Miraphone makes a Kaiserbaritone in C. This is a very nice horn but not quite up to their euphoniums. A few years ago I tried a amati c euphonium made for the Argentinian military, what a dog.


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