I stumbled across this work last week while searching for a piece for my church's brass trio (trumpet/french horn/euph).

It's in three movements:

- All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name;

- Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen;

- Shall We Gather at the River.

Total playing time is around 11 minutes, however, the movements are self-contained, so they could be played on separate occasions, making it a bargain at $20.*(We played*Shall We Gather*for the offertory and an excerpt of*All Hail the Power*for the postlude.)*It's scored for trumpet/horn/trombone, but the works very nicely on euph, and could be transposed for french horn/alto trombone, tenor trombone/euph, and bass trombone/tuba.*

This is FUN music to play and to listen to! (How often do you get to hear a wah-wah mute in church?) One feature that sets it apart from most brass trio arrangements is that, except for a few scattered measures here and there, the melody is shared back and forth between the Horn and Trombone.

Aside from two*pedal Bbs (concert) and a high Bb and C (concert) an octave above the BC staff*at the end of Shall We Gather, the trombone range stays between F (concert) below the BC staff to Ab above the staff (BC).

Highly recommended!

Sample pages (PDF) and audio (Real audio) are available on Ms Walker's website.