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Thread: College Auditions - Suggestions?

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    College Auditions - Suggestions?


    My name is Ainin, and I'm new to tubaeuph forums. I've seen other topics in which the members of this forum have provided invaluable information for the learning euphonium players like me.

    I have been playing euph for four years now, low brass for five. I played trupmet for three years before switching to valve trombone the year prior to my switch to euph.

    I am visiting my uncle, a professional brass musician living in Europe, for a month's worth of private lessons this summer. I hope to purchase sheet music for college auditions prior to the trip so I can have my uncle help me with them.

    Currently, I'm working on the Galliard sonatas, Grand Russian Fantasia, and The Swan by Camielle Saint Seans. What others would you suggest for college admissisons? Where can I purchase the music? Can I find a recording of them anywhere?

    Thanks for your help,


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    College Auditions - Suggestions?

    Typical college audition solo repertoire includes:

    Guilmant - Morceau Symphonique
    Barat - Andante et Allegro
    Capuzzi/Catelinet - Andante and Rondo
    Bellstedt - Napoli Variations
    Pryor - Blue Bells of Scotland
    Arban - Characteristic Study No. 1

    In most cases, works of equivalent difficulty (as determined by the audition committee) is fair game, but check with the school beforehand if the piece you're considering isn't on their approved list.

    Typically, you'll be required to prepare an etude (Bordogni/Rochut, Kopprasch, Blazevich, etc.) as well.

    Most, if not all, (both solos and etudes) should be available through Hickeys.

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    College Auditions - Suggestions?

    Each school where you are thinking of applying will have a pretty specific list of what they expect which can be found online. Some schools will expect you to perform orchestral excerpts for euph, some will want an etude or two and of course one complete work (or at least two contrasting movements.

    We just went through the process, my son audutioned on the Horovitz Concerto and David's Concertino. He also prepared an etude by Koppraisch and one by Bordoggni and a fair sized list of excerpts.

    Good luck,


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    College Auditions - Suggestions?

    Nice kick-off suggestions, Felix! I think it is worth compiling a list, so I have used yours as a start and added to it. I will make more additions as I have time to think about it and based on what I see on various college lists. For now, here is the list I've got:

    Recommended Audition Literature

    Dave Werden (ASCAP)
    Euphonium Soloist, U.S. Coast Guard Band, retired
    Adams Artist (Adams E3)
    YouTube: dwerden
    Facebook: davewerden
    Twitter: davewerden
    Instagram: davewerdeneuphonium

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    College Auditions - Suggestions?

    Thank you, this really helps. I'll look into these pieces.


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