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Thread: Compensating and Non-Compensating Euphoniums

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    Compensating and Non-Compensating Euphoniums

    What is the difference between these two types of systems? Presently, I play a 4 valve euphonium and would like to know which type it is.

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    Compensating and Non-Compensating Euphoniums

    You can check out this article, which explains the reason for a compensating system and how it works:

    Euphonium Compensating System

    I suggest you choose the Flash link near the top of the page.

    You can tell if yours is compensating easily. If it is, each of your 3 main valves will have a small tuning slide on the back side, in addition to the normal tuning slide on the front side. The back ones on the 1st and 3rd valves will have a slide that can be pulled out. The one on the 2nd valve is just a loop of tubing with no slide.

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