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  1. elephoniums?

    It is a little known fact that two baritones placed bell to bell ( This obviously more comfortable with bell front models. ) and played while wildly manipulating the valves, sound like male elephants during mating season. I first demonstrated this in Junior high pep band ( 1959 ) after our team made a basket . The result was total silence in the gym and all the players and refs became were frozen in place for what seemed like forever than resumed play. No one said anything to us but we did not have the temerity to pull this act off again....until high school 1963, same result total silence except the dumbstruck ref recovered and blew his whistle and awarded the opposing a penalty shot which they missed. I guess there is a lesson to be learned from all this: If you are going to play your elephonium make sure your team is well ahead. The elephonium also makes a dramatic pre-entrance to baby elephant walk

  2. elephoniums?


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    Reminds me of a story I heard on the Carol Burnett Show, told by Tim Conway, about 2 Siamese elephants born sharing one trunk. But you have to hear Tim tell it...

    There actually is a cool musical effect that is done something like what you describe. We did it with the Armed Forces Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble, although I think it was first done by Tennessee Tech's ensemble. A euphonium plays a slow melody. A tuba player holds their horn upside down over the other bell while moving the valves quickly. It acts as a mute and adds a mandolin-type sound because of the "tremolo" effect. It's actually useful in some contexts.

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  4. elephoniums?

    That is my favorite Tim Conway piece of all time!! What is even better, is watching Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett trying (unsuccessfully) to keep a straight face!


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