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Thread: Shops to try euphoniums in London

  1. Shops to try euphoniums in London


    This summer in August I go on holidays one week to London and I would like to know if you know shops where to try euphoniums in London, since there there will be more models in the shops that in Spain.

    Thank you
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    Shops to try euphoniums in London

    In case he doesn't see you message, you could send a private message to the user "ydave" on this forum. Just go to this page:

    Euphonium Comparison

    and scroll down a bit. You will see a message from ydave. In the top right corner of that message you should see this icon:

    Just click on it to send a message. He has done a lot of shopping in the London area. While you are at it, you should try to get by the Sterling factory and try out the horns. Paul, who runs the place, is very knowledgeable and helpful. Depending on what he has built at the time, you might be able to try some of the various configurations that are offered.
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