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Thread: Conn Constellation 24-I Euphonium on eBay

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    Conn Constellation 24-I Euphonium on eBay

    I saw this today on eBay. The Conn Constellation is a fine instrument, probably the best of the older curved-bell American horns. It has a medium-size shank, 4 front valves, and a tuning trigger on the main tuning slide. Tone was very nice as I recall. Henry Charles Smith played one of these and sounded great on it. I have tried them before and liked them.

    The horn won't sound like a modern compensating horn and has a smaller sound than most of today's top instruments. But it's a nice instrument with a pretty sound.

    I don't know anything about the seller or this particular serial number instrument, so be careful (as always on eBay).

    Conn Constellation Euphonium
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  2. Conn Constellation 24-I Euphonium on eBay


    That is an excellent Buy-it-now price for a 24I that appears to be in top condition. I purchased mine a year and a half ago for around $900. A refinished straight bell (25I) horn done in polished silver plate (never an original finish for a Conn of that vintage) sold for $2,000 recently on eBay.

    Your comments about the Connstellations are spot on. I still enjoy playing mine and can get a really nice sound on it. I find it does not respond that well to the Wick 4AY, but plays better with a Wick 4BS (shallower cup). The intonation with a deep cup Wick like the 4AY starts to get poor and the Connstellation actually plays better with a bit more back-pressure.

    While different sounding from the modern compensating horns, they make a very sweet sound and in the right hands do not sound at all "trombone-ish".

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